What is the difference between aluminum foil lunch boxes and traditional disposable lunch boxes?

What is the difference between aluminum foil lunch boxes and traditional disposable lunch boxes?

Aluminum foil lunch boxes made of aluminum foil can be processed into various shapes and are widely used in food packaging such as pastry baking, airline catering, takeaway, cooked food, instant noodles, instant lunch and other food fields. The aluminum foil lunch box has a clean appearance and good thermal conductivity. It can be heated directly on the original packaging with ovens, microwave ovens, steamers and other kitchen utensils. It is convenient to use, safe, hygienic, free of odor and leakage. Aluminum resources can be recycled and reused, which avoids resource waste and protects the environment.

Aluminum foil lunch box

The characteristics of aluminum foil lunch boxes: 1. Various specifications can be customized according to customer needs; 2. Safety and health, after high temperature sterilization; 3. Aluminum foil lunch boxes are high-quality and beautiful, and light in weight; 4. Green and environmentally friendly, recyclable; 5. Aluminum foil The lunch box can be used directly for storage, packaging, grilling/baking, forming, heating and freezing.

The performance of aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers: various food lunch boxes produced by aluminum foil, aviation fast food boxes currently generally adopt the latest and most scientific aluminum foil surface coating treatment technology and high temperature disinfection and decontamination treatment technology from abroad, and the products are beautiful, elegant and luxurious , To improve the quality of fast food, has been used in aviation, shipping, hotels and other industries.

At present, heat-sealable, high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization aluminum foil lunch boxes are also widely used in pies, luncheon meat, dense cans, sauces, jams and processed cheese, coffee milk, vegetarian paste and other products that require long shelf life The sealed packaging can also be used in non-food applications and industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry. The advantages of aluminum foil wrapped lunch box container, low weight and storage volume and low transportation cost, “aluminum foil lid” is easy to open, 100% barrier layer, high product protection, high temperature sterilization.

Although the country has issued a lot of policies and regulations to ban the use of disposable foam lunch boxes, disposable foam lunch boxes are still everywhere on the market today. Why does this happen? I think this is because disposable foam lunch boxes are low-cost, convenient and quick to use, and they don’t need to be cleaned. They are thrown in the trash when they are used up. The most critical point is that people have not realized the dangers of disposable foam lunch boxes, and have not changed their understanding of disposable foam lunch boxes.

Disposable foam lunch box

Long-term use of disposable foam lunch boxes will cause adverse effects on the kidneys and liver of the human body. Nowadays there are many aluminum manufacturers of disposable foam lunch boxes, and no one can ensure that the processing technology is in place. In addition, the ingredients of disposable foam lunch boxes are some compounds that are difficult to degrade, and they contain certain toxins. If you use them The toxins of the high-temperature food will be transferred to the food, which will adversely affect certain organs of the human body.

Freon is used as a foaming agent in the production of foam lunch boxes, and the main raw material is polystyrene. Everyone knows that Freon is an ozone-depleting substance, which will create a hole in the ozone layer in the atmosphere. And polystyrene is a carcinogenic substance, it can cause reproductive disorders. According to relevant experts, these disposable foamed plastic tableware will produce harmful toxins and carcinogens dioxin at a high temperature above 65 degrees Celsius. “Dioxin” is a toxic chlorine-containing compound. The world’s known toxic compounds are the most toxic, extremely carcinogenic, and can cause serious skin diseases and harm the fetus, as well as the possibility of male feminization; the direct and indirect disposal costs of one ton of disposable foamed plastic waste are its More than 10 times the original production value. Therefore, these “white pollution” not only increase the unwarranted economic pressure on the country and the people, but also leave a lot of problems for future generations.

According to the latest issue of the US “Environmental Observation” magazine, a synthetic chemical substance widely found in plastic toys, milk bottles, cosmetics and other plastic consumer products-phthalate, may harm the reproductive organs of baby boys. Affect the development of children’s sexual characteristics, and even cause cancer of the reproductive system. Almost at the same time, a paper published in Endocrinology Monthly pointed out that phenol methane, also a commonly used chemical in plastic products, may cause breast cancer in women.

Disposable foamed plastic lunch boxes and plastic bags containing food seriously affect our health. When the temperature reaches 65°C, the harmful substances in the disposable foamed plastic tableware will penetrate into the food and cause damage to the human liver, kidneys and central nervous system.

In our country, almost all of the ultra-thin plastic bags we use come from the reuse of waste plastics and are produced by small businesses or family workshops. The raw materials used in these production plants are discarded plastic barrels, basins, disposable syringes, etc. During production, the raw materials are crushed into plastic particles with machinery, the plastic particles are washed in a pool (namely disinfection), taken out and dried, and then pressed into a film with machinery to make various plastic bags. Every time they eat, many people use plastic bags to pack food, which not only harms the environment, but also harms their bodies.