A type of hot stamping material that is directly rolled into a thin sheet using metal aluminum. The hot stamping effect is similar to that of pure silver foil, so it is also called fake silver foil. Because aluminum has a soft texture, good ductility, and silvery white luster, if the rolled sheet is mounted on an offset paper with a material such as sodium silicate to make an aluminum foil, it can also be printed. However, the aluminum foil itself is susceptible to oxidation and darkens its color, and it will be discolored by friction and touch. Therefore, it is not suitable for hot stamping of books and magazines that have been stored for a long time.

Because of its excellent characteristics, aluminum foil is widely used as food grade packaging materials for food, beverages, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, photographic substrates, household daily necessities, etc .; electrolytic capacitor materials; thermal insulation materials for construction, vehicles, ships, houses, etc . also can be used as decorative gold Silver thread, wallpaper, and decorative trademarks for various stationery prints and light industrial products. Among the various applications mentioned above, the most effective use of aluminum foil performance points is as a packaging material. Aluminum foil is a soft metal film, which not only has the advantages of moisture resistance, air tightness, light shielding, abrasion resistance, fragrance retention, non-toxic and tasteless, etc., but also because of its elegant silver-white gloss, it is easy to process beautiful patterns of various colors and Pattern, and more favored by people. In particular, after the aluminum foil is combined with plastic and paper, the shielding properties of aluminum foil are combined with the strength of paper and the heat sealability of plastic, which further improves the shielding performance against water vapor, air, ultraviolet rays and bacteria necessary as packaging materials. , Greatly expanded the application market of aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is used as food packaging to fully isolate the packaged items from external light, humidity, gas, etc., so that the packaging is fully protected, especially for the packaging of cooked food. Using this composite aluminum foil material can at least ensure that Food does not spoil for more than a year. Moreover, heating and unpacking are very convenient and popular with consumers.

With the improvement of people's living standards and the development of tourism, the demand for beer, soft drinks and other beverages and canned food is increasing. These all require modern packaging and decoration to facilitate competition in the international market. In order to meet the market requirements, people have developed packaging materials such as plastic films and spray-coated foils with good shielding properties, but their overall performance is not as good as that of overcoating and lamination processing. Therefore, it can be said that aluminum foil is a perfect packaging material with a variety of excellent properties, which has fully shown its broad application prospects in many fields.

In order to improve the rolling efficiency and the quality of aluminum foil products, modern aluminum foil rolling mills are developing in four directions: large coils, wide widths, high speeds and automation. The contemporary aluminum foil rolling mill has a roll body width of more than 2200mm, a rolling speed of more than 2000m / min, and a coil weight of more than 20t. The corresponding level of rolling mill automation has also been greatly improved. Generally, a thickness control system (AGC) is installed, and a shape gauge (AFC) is mostly installed. The aluminum foil industry is facing a period of rapid development.

We produce large roll of aluminum foil for sale, you can use big aluminum foil roll for making kitchen aluminum foil small roll, houseshold aluminum foil small roll.


Raw Materail: 1235, 3003, 8011 etc

Alloy Temper: O, H28 etc

Thickness: 6.5 microm, 10 micron, 11micron( 11 micron ), 20micron, 130-250mic ( for laminated foil cold froming )

Size: 3000m, 80 cm etc


  • Pharmaceutical pack: cold forming alu alu foil for medical use
  • Food grade packing: kraft paper laminated foil packaging bag
  • Food wrapping
  • Adhesive tape: self adhesive reiforced foil tape
  • For making food container

Export Country and Region

  • Europe
  • Asian: India ( Gujarat ), Malaysia
  • Middle East: Saudi Arabia

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Aluminum foil production line


  • Package: Wooden case
  • Standard Wooden case specification: Length*Width*Hight=1.4m*1.3m*0.8m
  • Once needed,wooden case dimension could be redesigned as required.
  • Per wooden case Gross Weight scale: 500-700KG Net Weight: 450-650KG
  • Remark: For special packaging requirements, corresponding shall be added accordingly.