What metal is 3003 Alloy Aluminum Foil?

3003 alloy aluminum foil is a medium-strength alloy with excellent atmospheric corrosion resistance, very good weldability, and good cold formability. Compared to 1000 series alloys, it has higher elongation and tensile strength, especially at elevated temperatures.

The main states of aluminum foil 3003 include H 18, H22, H24, and other states upon request.

Aluminum Alloy 3003 foil

It is therefore widely used in household applications (pharmaceutical packaging, container foils, bottle caps).

Huawei Aluminum Advanced Materials provides our customers with high-quality 3003 aluminum alloy.

Alloy Parameters for Aluminum Foil 3003

Mechanical properties of 3003 aluminum foil

Tensile strength  σb (MPa)Yield strength σ0.2 (MPa)Elongation δ16 (%)Hardness(HB)

Chemical composition of aluminum foil 3003

 3003 Aluminum Foil

Mechanical properties of 3003 aluminum foil

Tensile  Strength
3003 alloy aluminum foilH180.01-0.2≥1901.0

The characteristics of 3003 aluminum foil

AL 3003 alloy is easy to machine and is considered to have good machinability for aluminum alloys.

  1. High plasticity. In the annealed state, 3003 aluminum foil has high plasticity. The semi-cold hardening plasticity is better, and the cold working plasticity is the lowest.
  2. Excellent corrosion resistance. The Al2O3 protective film easily formed on the surface of 303 aluminum foil can resist the corrosion of most acids and organics. And using corrosion inhibitors, 3003 aluminum foil can also resist weak alkali corrosion.
  3. Good ductility. Compared with series 1 and 8011 aluminum foil, 3003 aluminum foil has better processability, higher elongation, and stronger overall performance.

Application and use of 3003 aluminium foil

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Aluminum foil production line


  • Package: Wooden case
  • Standard Wooden case specification: Length*Width*Hight=1.4m*1.3m*0.8m
  • Once needed,wooden case dimension could be redesigned as required.
  • Per wooden case Gross Weight scale: 500-700KG Net Weight: 450-650KG
  • Remark: For special packaging requirements, corresponding shall be added accordingly.