Fire prevention measures during aluminum foil rolling

Fire prevention measures during aluminum foil rolling

Fire or explosion in aluminum foil rolling must meet three conditions: combustible materials, such as rolling oil, cotton yarn, hose, etc.; combustible materials, that is, oxygen in the air; fire source and high temperature, such as friction, electric sparks, static electricity, open flames, etc. . Without one of these conditions, it will not burn and explode.

The oil vapor and oxygen in the air generated during high-speed aluminum foil rolling are unavoidable. Therefore, the key to the safety and fire prevention of high-speed aluminum foil rolling mills is how to eliminate fire sources and high temperatures generated by local overheating. The main measures are as follows:

1. In high-speed aluminum foil rolling, it is difficult to avoid the high concentration of oil vapor around the rolling mill. In order to reduce the concentration of oil vapor as much as possible, the normal operation of the smoke exhaust device should be ensured, and the exhaust volume should reach the maximum value.

2. Strengthen the spot inspection and inspection of the oil mist lubrication system of work rolls, support rolls and guide rolls to ensure that the oil level, oil pressure, wind pressure and temperature of the oil mist generator meet the requirements, and the connecting pipeline between the oil mist generator and the bearing box It should be unblocked to provide sufficient lubrication conditions. Poor oil mist lubrication is one of the main reasons for rolling mill fires. During production, the oil mist lubrication system should be focused on management, and the problem should be stopped in time.

3. Strengthen the inspection and management of the inner ring and bearing of the roll, check each time the roll is changed, and repair and replace the faulty parts in time. The installation tightness of the bearing box should be moderate to avoid relative movement between the roller neck and the inner sleeve of the bearing.

4. Where there is oil vapor, explosion-proof electrical equipment must be used, and the power of the spreader should be cut off in time after the crane spreader is removed.

5. The tape break protection device should be sensitive and effective, and the thickness of the aluminum foil blank should be uniform, and no sudden thickening is allowed to avoid the occurrence of jamming. In operation, the rolling mill speed should be appropriately reduced at the end of the coil.

6. Improve the operation level, reduce the broken belt, clean up the broken aluminum pieces in the rolling mill body and the oil collecting pan in time, and the rolling mill body and pipeline oil tank should be well grounded.

7. Reasonably choose base oils and additives. In addition to the good lubricity, cooling, fluidity, annealing performance, stability, and no unpleasant odor, the rolling oil of high-speed aluminum foil also has the difference between base oil and additives, two or more additives. It must have good compatibility and non-deteriorating characteristics. The “sludge” produced in the aluminum foil rolling process is mainly caused by the poor compatibility between the base oil and the additive or the additive and the additive. The selection of reasonable base oils and additives is of great significance for improving the quality of aluminum foil and preventing fire accidents caused by “sludge”. If “sludge” is produced, unreasonable additives or base oil should be replaced in time, and an appropriate amount of antistatic agent can be added to the rolling oil.

8. Strictly use the open flame operation system. Before using open flames in fire prevention areas, the flammable and explosive materials around the operation area should be cleaned up in time, and professional firefighters and safety personnel should implement safety and fire protection on the spot.

9. Ensure the reliability of safety and fire protection devices.

10. Strengthen the education of employees. Every employee should understand and master the common sense of safety and fire prevention, the correct use of fire extinguishing equipment and fire extinguishing equipment, and keep in mind the fire alarm telephone number. When a fire occurs, fire extinguishing measures should be taken first, and the fire alarm telephone number should be dialed as quickly as possible to avoid delaying the time of fire fighting.

There are many reasons for fire accidents in aluminum foil production, including production process technology, production safety management and production equipment. Practice has proved that the safety and fire prevention of high-speed aluminum foil rolling mills can avoid fire accidents to the greatest extent by starting from the above aspects and taking effective safety and fire prevention measures.