The aluminum foil rolling mill back-up roll bearing and inner ring are successfully developed

In recent years, Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd. has set up a special research team under the condition that the aluminum foil rolling mill backing roll and the inner ring of the backing roll bearing are tight, to maintain production by repairing the scrapped backing rolls, and to ensure the normal operation of the seven aluminum foil rolling mills. During the repair process, the research team was able to repair, explore, and accumulate experience while laying down a good foundation for the localization of support roller bearings and their bearing inner rings.

The original purchase cycle of support roller bearings is 6 months, and the price is about 50,000 yuan per set. At present, the procurement cycle has been extended from 18 months to 24 months, and the price has risen to more than 90,000 yuan to more than 100,000 yuan per set.

With the strong support of the company’s leadership and procurement department, the research team began to localize support roller bearings and support roller bearing inner rings. After a year of data collection, material selection, experience analysis, and manufacturer screening, they will finally support The roller bearing and inner ring were developed, and first used in the 1# rolling mill with better operating conditions, which fully met the requirements, and again cooperated with the manufacturer, Chengdu Kehua Company, to manufacture 4 sets of bearings, and in the poor operating condition 4# The aluminum foil middle-rolling mill test was also successful.

Tests have proved that the aluminum foil rolling mill support roller bearings and bearing inner rings developed by Huabei Aluminum Co., Ltd. can completely replace imported bearings. Moreover, the manufacturing cycle of domestic bearings is generally 4 months. If the user purchases it, it can save more than one year and the price Only about 50% to 60% of imported products can save half of the cost.