aluminum foil sticker

Aluminum foil for sticker

What is aluminum foil for stickers Aluminum foil is a flexible, lightweight material perfect for making stickers. You can use aluminum foil for decorations, labels, stickers, and more, just cut out and add adhesive. Of course, stickers made of aluminum foil may not be as durable as stickers made of other materials, because aluminum foil is prone to chipping and tearing. Also, you need to be careful when using ...


Aluminium Foil 11 Micron

What is aluminium foil 11 micron? 11 micron aluminum foil refers to a thin sheet of aluminum that is approximately 11 microns (μm) thick. The term "micron" is a unit of length equal to one millionth of a meter. Aluminum foil 11 micron, also known as 0.0011mm aluminum foil, is a multifunctional material with excellent barrier properties, flexibility and conductivity. Aluminum foil thickness application Aluminu ...

aluminum foil for yoghurt cup

Aluminum foil for cup

Alloy parameters of aluminum foil for cups Aluminium foil for cups is usually made of aluminium alloy materials with good processability and corrosion resistance, mainly including 8000 series and 3000 series. --3003 aluminum alloy Alloy composition Al 96.8% - 99.5%, Mn 1.0% - 1.5% Physical properties density 2.73g/cm³, thermal expansion coefficient 23.1×10^-6/K, thermal conductivity 125 W/(m K), e ...

aluminum foil label sticker

Aluminum foil for labels

Alloy parameters of aluminum foil for labels Alloy type: 1xxx, 3xxx, 8xxx Thickness: 0.01mm-0.2mm Width: 100mm-800mm Hardness: To ensure the stability and processability of the label. Surface treatment: Coating or painting treatment to improve the corrosion resistance and aesthetics of the label. Alloy type of aluminum foil for labels 1050, 1060, 1100 With high purity ...


Aluminum Foil 13 Micron

What is 13 micron aluminum foil? "Aluminum Foil 13 Micron" is a thin and light aluminum foil that falls within the thickness range of household aluminum foil and is commonly used for various packaging and insulation purposes. It is a very common thickness specification. 13 micron aluminum foil equivalent name 13μm aluminum foil 0.013mm aluminum foil Household packaging aluminum foil 13 micron aluminum foil ...

chocolate aluminum foil packaging

Aluminum foil sheet for chocolate packaging

why aluminum foil is used to wrap chocolate? How does aluminum foil protect chocolate? We found that both the inside and outside of the chocolate must have the shadow of aluminum foil! One is that chocolate is easy to melt and lose weight, so chocolate needs packaging that can ensure that its weight does not lose, and aluminum foil can effectively ensure that its surface does not melt; The second is the c ...

The order of aluminum foil in production #11151746 export to Vietnam

ITEM SIZE (MM) ALLOY / TEMPER WEIGHT (KGS)  ALUMINIUM FOIL, ID: 76MM, ROLL LENGTH: 12000 - 13000 meters 1 0.007*1270 1235 O 18000.00

plain aluminum foil

The order of plain aluminum foil #05231048 ( export to UK )

Product name: plain aluminum foil SIZE (MM) ALLOY / TEMPER 0.1MM*1220MM*200M 8011 O

Aluminum Alloy 3003 foil

The performance difference between 3003 aluminum foil and aluminum plate

The performance differences between 3003 aluminum foil and aluminum plate are primarily related to its physical and mechanical properties and its intended application. Here are some of the main differences in performance: Formability: 3003 Aluminum Foil: 3003 aluminum foil is highly formable and can be bent, formed and folded easily. It is often used in applications that require flexibility and ease of mold ...

8011 aluminum foil roll

The order of 8011 aluminum foil roll #03251427 ( export to India )

Product name: 8011 aluminum foil roll ID: 76MM, MAX ROLL WEIGHT: 55kg ITEM SPECIFICATION (MM) ALLOY / TEMPER 1 0.015*120 8011 O 2 0.012*120 8011 O 3 0.015*130 8011 O 4 0.015*150 8011 O ID: 76MM, MAX ROLL WEIGHT: 100 kg 5 0.015*200 8011 O

5 Reasons Why Aluminum Foil Jumbo Rolls Are Popular

1.Convenience: Large rolls of aluminum foil can be cut at any time, convenient for packaging food of various shapes and sizes, very flexible. 2.Freshness preservation: Aluminum foil can effectively isolate air and moisture, prevent food from going bad, and prolong the freshness period of food. 3.Durability: Aluminum foil has excellent heat resistance and tear resistance, can withstand high temperature and p ...

Main technical indicators of coated air conditioner aluminum foil

Coated aluminum foil is formed after surface treatment on the basis of non-coated aluminum foil. In addition to the chemical composition, mechanical properties and geometric dimensions required by the above non-coated aluminum foil, it should also have good shape and shape. coating properties. 1. Plate type of aluminum foil: First of all, the production process of coated aluminum foil requires that the alum ...