5 Amazing Uses for aluminum Foil

5 Amazing Uses for aluminum Foil

▌ Make bananas last longer

Like avocados, bananas can go from underripe to overripe in the blink of an eye.

Make bananas last longer

This is because bananas release a gas called ethylene to ripen, and the stem is where the most ethylene is released. One way to prevent bananas from ripening too quickly is to wrap a small piece of aluminum foil around the stem.

▌ Polishing chrome with aluminum foil

It can be used in places like rusty faucets, auto parts and furniture. First, though, make sure it’s real chrome and not plastic.

1. Roll aluminum foil into a ball and rub with water.

2. The chemical reaction between wet aluminum and chrome, repeated friction can remove the rust on the chrome, polishing the chrome surface.

▌ Sharpening scissors with aluminum foil

There used to be a shop for sharpening scissors everywhere, but now it is very rare. It is not convenient to sharpen scissors. Aluminum foil can be used to sharpen scissors quickly.

Sharpening scissors with aluminum foil

1. Take a 40cm piece of aluminum foil and fold it in half four times.
2. Repeat a dozen times with scissors.

Aluminum foil can smooth the blades of scissors and polish the blades.

▌ Prevent pets from climbing furniture

Most animals can’t stand the feel or sound of stepping on aluminum foil, if you want to prevent your pet from climbing on the couch, spread a layer of aluminum foil on the couch, a week or so of training will go a long way to keeping them off the couch, and retrain them if they forget to start climbing again.

Prevent pets from climbing furniture

▌ Scrubbing metal POTS and pans

Use aluminum foil to clean metal pans in your home if they have stubborn stains that are difficult to remove.

1. Wet the pan and sprinkle with a thick layer of salt or baking soda.

2. Use the aluminum foil repeatedly to scrub the stains on the pot, and then use dishwashing liquid to clean it once.

Not suitable for non-stick pans, as aluminum foil can scratch the coating, resulting in poor non-stickiness.