Can 1350 aluminum foil be used as medicinal packaging?

Can 1350 aluminum foil be used as medicinal packaging?

Aluminum alloy 1350, often referred to as “1350 aluminum foil”, is a pure aluminum alloy with a minimum aluminum content of 99.5%. While pure aluminum is not commonly used in pharmaceutical packaging, aluminum and its alloys (including 1350 aluminum) can be used in pharmaceutical packaging after proper processing and coating.

Pharmaceutical packaging requires certain properties to ensure the safety and preservation of pharmaceuticals, such as:

Barrier Properties: Packaging materials should provide a barrier against moisture, oxygen, and other environmental factors to protect the drug product.

Sterility: Pharmaceutical packaging should maintain the sterility of the contents and prevent contamination.

Printability: Packaging materials should be capable of high-quality printing to display important information, branding, and instructions.

Ease of sealing: Packaging materials should be easy to seal securely to prevent tampering and maintain product integrity.

Safety: The material should be safe for direct contact with the drug and should not react with the drug or leach harmful substances into the drug.

Pure aluminum foil (including 1350 aluminum) may not meet all of these requirements without additional processing and coatings. Typically, pharmaceutical packaging uses specially treated and coated aluminum foil to enhance its barrier properties, sealing properties and printability.