aluminum foil laminated for bag

Aluminum foil for packaging bag

Aluminum foil for packaging bag introduction Aluminum foil bags are also called aluminum foil bags or aluminum foil packaging bags. Because aluminum foil has excellent barrier properties and protective capabilities, it is widely used to package a variety of products. These foil bags are commonly used to preserve the freshness, flavor and quality of food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other sensitive items. ...

aluminium foil for hair

aluminium foil for hair

Why does hair use aluminum foil? The use of aluminum foil for hair is often done during hair coloring, especially when a specific pattern or effect is desired. Aluminum foil can help isolate and hold the hair dye in place, ensuring it only goes where it's needed, creating a more precise and detailed finish. When coloring hair, hairdressers usually divide the hair to be colored into sections and wrap each sect ...

1235 aluminum foil

1235 alloy aluminum foil

so What is Aluminum foil grade 1235? 1235 Alloy Aluminum Foil is an aluminum alloy material commonly used in the packaging industry. It is as high as 99.35% pure, has good flexibility and ductility, and also has good electrical and thermal conductivity. The surface is coated or painted to increase its resistance to corrosion and abrasion. 1235 Alloy Aluminum Foil is widely used in food packaging, pharmaceu ...

hydrophilic aluminum foil

Hydrophilic aluminum foil

What is hydrophilic aluminum foil The surface of hydrophilic aluminum foil has strong hydrophilicity. The hydrophilicity is determined by the angle formed by the water sticking to the surface of the aluminum foil. The smaller the angle a, the better the hydrophilic performance, and vice versa, the worse the hydrophilic performance. Generally speaking, the angle a is less than 35. It belongs to hydrophilic pro ...

Aluminum Foil for electronic products

Aluminum foil for electronic products

Overview of aluminum foil for electronic products As one of the core materials of electronic devices, aluminum foil for electronic products has always been the focus of electrical appliance manufacturers. As a term that doesn't come up very often, you might have questions about it. What is aluminum foil for electronic products? What are the classifications of aluminum foil for electronic products? What are the a ...


What are the applications of color-coated aluminum foil?

Color-coated aluminum foil is an aluminum foil material with a coated surface. By applying one or more layers of organic coatings or special functional coatings on the surface of the aluminum foil, the color-coated aluminum foil has the characteristics of diverse colors, beautiful and durable, and diverse functions. Color-coated aluminum foil has many product characteristics, beautiful, weather-resistant, durabl ...

8006 VS 8011 VS 8021 VS 8079 aluminum foil

8006 aluminum foil is mainly used for food packaging, such as milk boxes, juice boxes, etc. 8006 aluminum foil has good corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, which can meet various packaging needs. 8011 aluminum foil is a common aluminum alloy material, mainly used in food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging. 8011 aluminum foil has good waterproof, moisture-proof and oxidation-proof properties, an ...

Main technical indicators of coated air conditioner aluminum foil

Coated aluminum foil is formed after surface treatment on the basis of non-coated aluminum foil. In addition to the chemical composition, mechanical properties and geometric dimensions required by the above non-coated aluminum foil, it should also have good shape and shape. coating properties. 1. Plate type of aluminum foil: First of all, the production process of coated aluminum foil requires that the alum ...

8011 aluminum foil roll

The order of 8011 aluminum foil roll #03251427 ( export to India )

Product name: 8011 aluminum foil roll ID: 76MM, MAX ROLL WEIGHT: 55kg ITEM SPECIFICATION (MM) ALLOY / TEMPER 1 0.015*120 8011 O 2 0.012*120 8011 O 3 0.015*130 8011 O 4 0.015*150 8011 O ID: 76MM, MAX ROLL WEIGHT: 100 kg 5 0.015*200 8011 O

plain aluminum foil

The order of plain aluminum foil #05231048 ( export to UK )

Product name: plain aluminum foil SIZE (MM) ALLOY / TEMPER 0.1MM*1220MM*200M 8011 O


What is the use of extra wide aluminum foil?

Extra-wide aluminum foil serves several purposes and finds applications in various industries. Here are some common uses for extra-wide aluminum foil: Extra wide aluminum foil for Industrial Insulation: Extra-wide aluminum foil is often used for insulation in industrial settings. It is effective in reflecting radiant heat, making it suitable for insulating large areas in construction, manufacturing, and oth ...