Five Advantages of Using Aluminum Foil

Five Advantages of Using Aluminum Foil

1-Moisture-proof and anti-oxidation: Aluminum foil paper can effectively prevent food from getting wet and oxidized and cause deterioration, so as to maintain the freshness and taste of food.

2-Thermal insulation: The thermal conductivity of aluminum foil paper is very low, which can effectively insulate heat and prevent heat loss.

3-Blocking UV rays: Aluminum foil can effectively block UV rays and protect food or other items from being damaged by light.

4-Easy to carry: aluminum foil paper is light and easy to carry, you can conveniently pack food or other items and carry it with you at any time.

5-Environmental protection and hygiene: aluminum foil paper can be reused, reducing waste, and has good hygienic performance and is harmless to the human body.