6 mic aluminum foil brief overview

6 mic aluminum foil is one of the very commonly used light gauge aluminum foil.6 mic are equal to 0.006 millimeters, known as double zero six aluminum foil in China.

aluminum mic 6 properties

Tensile Strength:48 ksi (330 MPa)
Yield Strength:36 ksi (250 MPa)
Hardness:70-80 Brinell
  • Machinability: Easy to process due to its homogeneity and low internal stress level.
  • Dimensional Stability: It has excellent dimensional stability, which means it can maintain its shape and size under different temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Solderability: Solderable using standard soldering techniques.
  • Corrosion resistance: It has good corrosion resistance, especially in mildly corrosive environments.
  • Anodizing Capability: Can be anodized to improve its corrosion resistance, hardness, and appearance.

How do you test the microns of 6 mic aluminum foil?

Use a micrometer to measure the width and thickness of the aluminum foil. Place the micrometer over the edge of the foil, gently flatten the foil, and take the reading on the display. Measurements are taken at multiple locations and the average is calculated.

*6 mic aluminum foil measurement

*6 mic aluminum foil measurement

Use a scale to weigh a sheet of aluminium foil, then divide that by the area to get the weight per square meter. According to the density of aluminum foil (2.7 g/cm3), the thickness can be calculated.

A more accurate test can be done using an electron microscope. Observe the surface of the aluminium foil under a microscope to measure the thickness and width of the aluminium foil. This method can provide more accurate micron-scale measurement results.

How many microns should the aluminum foil be?

The thickness of the aluminum foil is usually between 6 microns and 40 microns, and the most common thicknesses are 9 microns and 18 microns. Different uses and applications require different thicknesses.

For example, thinner aluminium foil can be used for food packaging, while thicker aluminium foil can be used for shielding and protection of electronic equipment. When purchasing aluminum foil, the appropriate thickness should be selected according to actual needs.

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Aluminum foil production line


  • Package: Wooden case
  • Standard Wooden case specification: Length*Width*Hight=1.4m*1.3m*0.8m
  • Once needed,wooden case dimension could be redesigned as required.
  • Per wooden case Gross Weight scale: 500-700KG Net Weight: 450-650KG
  • Remark: For special packaging requirements, corresponding shall be added accordingly.