What is hydrophilic aluminum foil

The surface of hydrophilic aluminum foil has strong hydrophilicity. The hydrophilicity is determined by the angle formed by the water sticking to the surface of the aluminum foil. The smaller the angle a, the better the hydrophilic performance, and vice versa, the worse the hydrophilic performance. Generally speaking, the angle a is less than 35.

It belongs to hydrophilic properties. Hydrophilic aluminum foil is generally used in condensers of air conditioners. Its main function is to make the moisture in the hot air easy to spread out when condensed into water droplets on the heat exchange fins and flow down the sheet.

In this way, it can avoid that the water droplets between the heat exchange fins “bridging” and affect the ventilation effect of the heat exchanger, thereby improving the heat exchange rate of the air conditioner, and can also save electricity under the same cooling capacity. At present, the general hydrophilic aluminum foil on the market not only has better hydrophilicity on the surface, but also has higher corrosion resistance, so that the performance of the air conditioner is more optimized.
hydrophilic aluminum foil evaporator

Hydrophilic aluminum foil production process

Plain foil -> Cleaning -> Coating (hydrophilic layer and anti-corrosion layer) -> Divide -> Hydrophilic foil finished product

Hydrophilic foil is the main raw material of heat exchange fins in air conditioners. It is widely used in household air conditioners, refrigerators, automobile air conditioners and other refrigeration equipment. Compared with ordinary light foil, it has the following advantages:

  1. It can increase the anti-corrosion, anti-mold, and no peculiar smell;
  2. The condensed water on the accumulation surface of the heat exchange fins is evenly distributed on the surface, and will not cause the accumulation and blockage of the heat exchange fins after the formation of water droplets, which affects the heat exchange conditions, thereby increasing the heat exchange rate by 5%;
  3. Since the water has no beads, the noise caused by vibration is correspondingly reduced;
  4. It can prevent the air conditioner oxidation powder from blowing into the room and adversely affect the human body, which meets the requirements of environmental protection;
  5. The hydrophilic aluminum foil used for the air conditioner radiator shall meet the regulations of YS/T95.2-2001.

Structure of hydrophilic aluminum foil

Hydrophilic aluminum foil is a special type of aluminum foil that has been treated to have a hydrophilic (water-absorbent) surface. This treatment is commonly used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems, especially in the construction of heat exchanger fins. The hydrophilic surface helps improve heat transfer efficiency by promoting the condensation of moisture on the fin surface. Here is a brief introduction to the structure of hydrophilic aluminum foil:

Base material aluminum foil: The core material is standard aluminum foil. It is usually made of high-quality pure aluminum and rolled into thin sheets.

Hydrophilic coating: Hydrophilic properties are achieved by applying a specialized coating to one or both sides of the aluminum foil.

Surface treatment: Hydrophilic coatings are usually applied through a chemical or electrochemical process to make them more attractive to water molecules.

Microstructure: Hydrophilic treatment changes the surface of the aluminum foil, reducing its contact angle with water droplets. This means that the water droplets spread and form a film on the surface, rather than beading up.

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Aluminum foil production line


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