How to distinguish aluminum foil and aluminum film

How to distinguish aluminum foil and aluminum film

A watch, two, feel, three, folding, four, twist, 5, knife scraping, 6, fire method, to help you identify the plastic composite packaging is made of aluminum foil or aluminum film material.

Two, watch: the brightness of the packaging aluminum layer is not as bright as the aluminum plated film, that is, the packaging made of aluminum foil is not as bright as the packaging made of the aluminum plated film. Aluminum foil thick aluminum layer so strong shading, aluminum plating layer is very thin shading is poor, so can pass through the strong light is made of aluminum film, on the contrary, poor light transmittance is made of aluminum foil. Because the brightness of aluminized film is bright, the reflection of aluminum foil is not as good as that of aluminized film, but the refraction and shielding of aluminum foil are better than that of aluminized film. Aluminum foil packaging is silver white or silver gray, aluminum film packaging is silver yellow or silver black.

Three, feel: aluminum foil packaging feel thick and crisp hard, heavy, aluminized film packaging feel lighter and softer than aluminum foil packaging.

Four, folding: aluminum foil packaging is easy to fold fold dead fold dead mark, aluminum plated packaging will not fold into dead fold dead mark, and will soon rebound.

Five, twist: aluminum foil packaging twist after coalescence is not easy to rebound, the aluminum layer will fracture. After the aluminum film packaging is twisted, the torsion will soon be scattered, and the aluminum layer will not have obvious cracks.

Six, knife scraping: aluminum foil knife can scrape off the aluminum scraps, the aluminum film will not scrape off the aluminum scraps and will be transparent on the film.

Seven, fire: aluminum foil with fire point is not easy to burn, aluminum layer will roll back, burning aluminum foil packaging will leave gray aluminum slag. The burning of aluminized film can occur in different conditions of plastic film, and there is no residue of aluminum slag.