Development of domestic double zero foil project

Development of domestic double zero foil project

Only China, the United States, Japan and Germany can produce double zero foils with a thickness of 0.0046mm in the world. From a technical point of view, it is not difficult to produce such thin foils, but it is not easy to efficiently produce high-quality double-zero foils on a large scale. At present, many enterprises in my country can realize the commercial production of double zero foil, mainly including:

① Double zero foil is rolled on the 1350mm four-high irreversible finishing mill of German Asenbach Company introduced by Yunnan Xinmei Aluminum Industry, and the maximum width of the foil strip is 1180mm. In the middle of 2005, the double-05 eccentric power capacitor foil was successfully mass-produced by using self-made cast-rolled foil blanks, and its quality index reached or exceeded the specified value of General Electric Company. For example, the pinhole rate was two orders of magnitude lower than the accepted value, reaching the highest level in the world.

② Shanghai Enyuan Guiyang Aluminum Foil Factory introduced a set of Ø254/660 x 1500mm four-high irreversible general-purpose aluminum foil rolling mill from the Italian Xinhunte Company. In 2005, the output of 0.006mm double zero foil was 3188 tons, and the output was 89%. Use 0.3mm and 0.25mm aluminum foil blanks from Chinalco Ruimin and Yunnan Xinmei Aluminum. In double-zero foil production, the rolling process of hot-rolled foil blanks for steel ingots is easier and easier than that of cast-rolled foil blanks, with slightly higher yields and slightly better performance and surface quality. They test the properties of foils strictly according to ASTM standards and make all indicators meet ASTM b373:1995.

Double Zero Foil

③ Zhengzhou Aluminum adopts the four-high irreversible 1450mm roughing mill equipped by Luoyang Zhongge Technology and the four-high irreversible Φ260/700 x 1450mm finishing mill designed by Shanghai Jieru Heavy Industry in 2003. The self-made cast-rolled foil billet is used, with a width of 1200mm, a coil weight of 4T, and no broken ends. Strictly follow GB/t3616-1999.

④ The target of North China Aluminum is wide aluminum foil blank, which is a product with high technical difficulty and high added value. With the advantages of technology and equipment, North China Aluminum has successfully produced wide double-zero aluminum foil blanks with a width of more than 1700mm through casting and cold rolling processes. The development of this new product has greatly improved production efficiency and created new profit growth points. It not only meets the needs of the domestic market but also enters the Asian and European markets.

⑤ On February 29, 2008, Chinalco invested about 3.7 billion yuan in the 100,000-ton double-zero foil project in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. It is expected to be completed and put into operation in about three years and will introduce world-class processing equipment. After the project is completed, it will become the largest professional double-zero aluminum foil production base in China and even in Asia. The products are widely used in packaging, electrical, construction, machinery, and other fields, which will drive and promote the rapid and high-quality development of the local economy and related domestic industries.