Is tin foil the same as aluminum foil?

Now the aluminum foil we see in the market is no longer made of tin, because it is more expensive and less durable than aluminum.

The original tin foil (also known as tin foil) is really made of tin. Tin foil is softer than aluminum foil. It will smell tinted to wrap food. At the same time, tin foil cannot be heated due to its low melting point, or the heating temperature is high-such as 160 It begins to become brittle above ℃-which limits its use in food packaging. If you need to grill food, you cannot use tin foil when baking food. Since the aluminum foil paper has a higher melting point, it starts to melt when heated to above 660°C. It can be applied to ordinary barbecued foods, baked goods, and even traditional chicken chickens are wrapped in aluminum foil for baking. It is clean and hygienic while maintaining Original flavor. Therefore, after the price of aluminum fell, aluminum foil replaced tin foil in daily life.

Therefore, the term tin foil (tinfoil) now refers to aluminum foil in many areas. The terms tin foil, tin foil, and aluminum foil all refer to the same product, but people used to call it tin foil.