Is aluminum foil safe to use in electric microwave oven?

Is the aluminum foil in the oven toxic?

Please pay attention to the difference between the oven and the microwave. They have different heating principles and different utensils.

The oven is usually heated by electric heating wires or electric heating pipes. Microwave ovens rely on microwaves to heat.

The oven heating tube is a heating element that can heat the air and food in the oven after the oven is powered on. The heating tube has only one kind of power. When the required temperature is reached in the oven, the heating tube will be powered off, and after the box gradually cools down, the heating tube will be energized and heated again.

Microwave ovens can use material lunch boxes: high temperature resistant plastic products (usually marked for microwave ovens), glass products, porcelain bowls, and metal products such as stainless steel products cannot be used.

The oven can use material lunch boxes: high temperature resistant glass products, porcelain bowls, stainless steel bowls, plastic products cannot be used. Generally, the oven has an oven rack, and it is enough to wrap the tin foil for baking and cooking. This method is better. Neither glass products nor porcelain products can be guaranteed to be 100% non-bursting.