Cigarette aluminum foil parameters

  • Alloy: 3004 8001
  • Thickness: 0.018-0.2mm
  • Length: can be customized according to customer needs
  • Surface: One side has a high light emissivity, and the other side has a soft matt finish.

what is the metallic paper in a cigarette box

The metallic paper in cigarette packs is aluminum foil.

One is to keep fragrance. Aluminum foil can prevent the smell of cigarettes from emitting, and at the same time prevent the smell of cigarettes from corroding other items.

The second is mold-proof. Aluminum foil can resist moisture and effectively prevent moisture, thereby preventing cigarettes from mildewing in a humid environment.


  1. Cigarette foil is paper-backed aluminum foil. It includes gold/silver foil paper, embossed foil backing paper, printed foil paper, and colored foil paper. The common alloy of pure aluminum foil is 8011, the thickness is 0.0006 to 0.007mm, the base paperweight is 25-60gsm, and the total weight is 45-80gsm.

2. Cigarette aluminum foil is soft and volatile like paper, and will not rebound after deformation. Can be qualitative, ensure sunshade, no drop, opaque, no pollution, cheap price, suitable for high-end cigarettes.

3. If the bronze is rusted, sanding it with sandpaper or stainless steel shavings, cleaning the ball, and wiping it will scratch the product. It can be wiped with tin foil wrapped with cigarettes dipped in salt, which can wipe off the copper rust and make the copperware as bright as new.

Is the printing of cigarette aluminum foil paper oil-based or water-based?

The selection of ink should be based on whether the aluminum is processed or according to the use to decide, on the aluminum monomer, can use salt acetic acid ink, polyamide ink; The inks used for treated aluminum foil paper are nitrocotton ink, chlorinated rubber ink, polyamide ink and water-based acrylic ink.

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Aluminum foil production line


  • Package: Wooden case
  • Standard Wooden case specification: Length*Width*Hight=1.4m*1.3m*0.8m
  • Once needed,wooden case dimension could be redesigned as required.
  • Per wooden case Gross Weight scale: 500-700KG Net Weight: 450-650KG
  • Remark: For special packaging requirements, corresponding shall be added accordingly.