8079 Aluminum Foil Roll

8079 Aluminum Foil Roll


Alloy 8079 usually used to produce kinds of aluminum alloy foil, which offers the best properties for many applications with H14, H18 and other tempers and thicknesses between 10 and 200 microns. 8079 aluminum foil mainly designed for the general packaging of both pharmaceuticals and cosmetics and it has better property than pure aluminum foil. Most importantly, we manufacture products according to the requirements of customers. The high quality of the 8079 aluminum foil supplied by huawei aluminum. fulfills a diversity of markets like household foil, packaging foil as well as pharmaceutical foil.

Chemical composition:

Alloy No.SiFeCuZnOthersAl
80790.050 - 0.300.70 - 1.3≤ 0.050≤ 0.10≤ 0.15REMAIN


Household foilBare, Mill FinishH111  H12  H14   H16  H18   H22  H24   H26  H280.01-0.2300-1100coil
Packaging foilO H22  H240.018-0.2100-1600coil
Pharmaceutical FoilH14  H180.018-0.2100-1600coil


O (soft), h14, h18, h22, h24 etc...


Cigarette etc ...


Aluminum foil coil in paper wraping, and then into the wooden box.

Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd is a leading 8079 aluminum foil manufacturer from China. As a powerful supplier, We have many years of experience in producing 8079 aluminum foil.

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