Which 8000 series alloy is more suitable for cold forming foil?

Which 8000 series alloy is more suitable for cold forming foil?

Which 8000 series alloy is more suitable for alu alu foil?

For alu alu foil, aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging, the selection of the base material needs to take into account factors such as the barrier properties, mechanical strength, processing performance and cost of the aluminum foil. The aluminum foil base material should have excellent moisture barrier, air barrier, light-shielding properties, and good thermal stability to effectively extend the shelf life of drugs. In addition, the aluminum foil should have sufficient mechanical strength to withstand deformation during cold forming and good processing properties to ensure production efficiency and product quality.

Therefore, among the 8000 series alloys, if you want to choose a material suitable for cold forming medicine foil, you need to comprehensively consider the physical properties, mechanical properties of the alloy and its performance in specific application scenarios. 8021 aluminum alloy is considered more suitable for use For making cold-formed medicine foil.

Among the 8000 series aluminum foil alloys, common alloy models are 8011, 8021, and 8079 aluminum foil. These three alloys can be used as pharmaceutical packaging foils, and 8021 aluminum foil has more advantages in the application of cold-formed pharmaceutical foils.

Advantages of using 8021 aluminum foil in cold forming medical foil

1. Alloy characteristics: 8021 aluminum alloy has good forming performance, which is one of the key requirements for making cold-formed medicine foil. The alloy can be pressure-formed into precise pharmaceutical packaging shapes without the use of heat.

2. Thickness range: The thickness range of 8021 aluminum alloy foil is usually between 0.04mm and 0.065mm. Aluminum foil of this thickness is suitable for cold forming process and can ensure the tightness and integrity of pharmaceutical packaging.

3. Surface quality: The surface of 8021 aluminum foil is smooth and free of bright lines and defects, which is very important for pharmaceutical packaging because it ensures the sealing of the packaging and the aesthetics of the product.

4. Barrier performance: 8021 aluminum foil has high barrier performance and can effectively block moisture and oxygen, which is crucial for protecting drugs from the external environment.

5. Safety: 8021 aluminum foil has a highly dense metal crystal structure, which provides a high degree of safety for highly hygroscopic or photosensitive drugs.

6. Wide range of applications: 8021 aluminum foil is not only used for pharmaceutical packaging, but also for food packaging and other fields that require high barrier properties.

7. Compliance: 8021 aluminum foil complies with regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical packaging, which is an important consideration for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

8021 aluminum alloy is an ideal choice for making cold-formed medicine foils due to its excellent forming performance, appropriate thickness range, good surface quality and barrier properties, as well as its wide range of applications and compliance.