PTP aluminum Blister foil parameter

Alloy1235, 8011, 8021 etc
Temper O( HO ), H18, etc
Width300mm, 600mm, etc
  • OP: 0.5 – 1.5 g/m2
  • Aluminum foil: 20 micron ( 0.02mm ), 25 micron ( 0.025mm ), 30 micron ( 0.3mm ) etc
  • HSL ( VC ):3 – 4.5 gsm
  • Primer: 1gsm
Surface treatmentLaminated, printing, Single bright side, etc

What is ptp aluminum blister foil?

What is PTP blister foil? PTP aluminum blister foil is a kind of pharmaceutical packaging material, heat sealing with PVC, PVDC and alu alu bottom foil for capsule and tablets packing. With the advantages of anti-oxygen, moisture-proof, leakage-proof, anti-pollution, etc.

PTP aluminum foil packaging is mainly used for aluminum-plastic blister packaging of pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, pills, etc., and can also be used for blister packaging of food and health products. It has a novel appearance and enhances the image and competitiveness of drugs.

Pharmaceutical PTP aluminum foil packaging has good moisture-proof, oxygen-barrier, light-proof, excellent barrier properties, and can effectively avoid the damage of gas, light and other media to the pharmaceutical ingredients.

PTP aluminum foil and PVC hard sheet are heat-sealed, easy to open.

blister foil

Performance and the characteristic

Excellent properties such as of anti- oxygen, moisture-proof, leak-proof, carry home, antipollution, etc. Adopting hard-anodized aluminum as cover material, it is easy to break aluminum foil to take out the drugs by pushing the cover. Adopting heat-seal coating material, which cannot be stripped, it can be bonded with all kinds of plastic-based materials.

Advantages of PTP aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging

PTP (Press Through Packaging) aluminum foil is a widely used packaging material in the pharmaceutical industry for blister packaging of tablets, capsules and other solid dosage forms, offering several advantages.

Barrier properties: PTP aluminum foil provides excellent barrier properties against moisture, oxygen, light and other external factors that can reduce the quality and potency of pharmaceutical products.

Prevent Contamination: The tight seal provided by PTP aluminum foil prevents the contamination of pharmaceutical products by microorganisms, dust and other environmental pollutants.

Tamper-Resistant Packaging: Blister packaging using PTP aluminum foil is tamper-resistant, ensuring that the product maintains its integrity until it reaches the end user.

Dosage Accuracy: PTP blister packs are pre-formed to hold a specific number of dosage units, such as tablets or capsules.

Individual Unit Packaging: Each drug unit is individually sealed in its own blister cavity, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination between dosage units.

Protection during transportation: PTP aluminum foil provides protection for pharmaceutical products during transportation and handling. it

Printability: PTP aluminum foils can be easily printed with necessary information, branding and regulatory details using specialized inks and printing techniques.

Retention of drug properties: PTP aluminum foil will not react with drugs, nor will it produce any taste, odor or chemical interactions that may affect drug properties.

The advantages of PTP aluminum foil as pharmaceutical packaging contribute to product safety, integrity, dosage accuracy and patient convenience, making it the first choice of many pharmaceutical companies.

PTP Blister Foil Material Structure

OP + Printing + Al + HSL ( VC )

This structure is used in small-scale pharmaceutical or health care products factory, generally small blister packaging equipment, they do not have the printing ability;

Primer + Al + HSL ( VC )

This structure is applied to the large pharmaceutical factory customers with their own printing packaging integration equipment;

Protect layer (OP)/Outer printing layer/Aluminum foil based-material ( AL) inside printing layer/Bond (VC). Use in drugs blister packaging machine.

One side for sealing with pvc or pvdc film and other side is for printing.

  1. OPA25/AL45/PVC60,
  2. OPA25/AL60/PVC60
  3. OPA25/ALU45/PP60
  4. OPA25/ALU60/PP60
  5. OPA25/ALU45/PE60
  6. OPA25/ALU60/PE60
  7. PVC60/ OPA25/ALU60/PVC60
  8. PP60/ OPA25/ALU60/PP60

OP: Protective layer for medical aluminum foil packaging, suitable for the protection of the printed layer and the surface of the aluminum foil

VC: Heat-seal coating for medical aluminum foil packaging, suitable for bonding between medical packaging aluminum foil and PVC, with excellent heat-seal strength

Aluminum blister foil applications

Blister packages for Pharmaceuticals products such as capsules, tablets, pills, pastille, small-size food, candy, etc.

Blister foil packaging classification

According to printing method

  • plain foil (no printing)
  • printing foil ( one-sided printing, two-sided printing, single-color print, double color printing, polychrome printing )
  • color foil ( one-sided golden color, two-sided golden color, green bottom color, each kind of colored bottom color )
  • forgery-proof ( stealth writing, design, positive and negative printing )

Compared with other manufacturers

Some customers purchase products from other manufacturers and have problems. Ask us for help. For example

Uneven coating problem

Customer A: For wrinkling, other factory cannot give the tension and speed parameters.

HWALU: We judged that it was due to uneven coating.

Customer B: Uneven coating results in poor peeling effect.

HWALU: We think, the heat-sealing paint is unevenly applied, with a density of 2-3g/m2, which can be used, but it will cause excessive heating during the compounding process of the equipment and increase wear. The peeling effect is also very poor

Uneven winding at both ends

Customer A: The customer responded that the roll was loose while the other was tight, and took a photo. The customer said that the one on the left was loose, and the customer said that the one on the right was tight.

HWALU: It may be that the material is on the bar of the flatbed. It should be okay to padded the car a little thicker next time.

The number of breakpoints in a single volume

Customer A: The feedback breakpoint reaches 9 in a single volume, and there is no obvious mark.

HWALU: Generally, it is necessary to ensure that there are 3 in a single volume, clearly marked, and specified in the contract.

Why choose us?

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Aluminum foil production line


  • Package: Wooden case
  • Standard Wooden case specification: Length*Width*Hight=1.4m*1.3m*0.8m
  • Once needed,wooden case dimension could be redesigned as required.
  • Per wooden case Gross Weight scale: 500-700KG Net Weight: 450-650KG
  • Remark: For special packaging requirements, corresponding shall be added accordingly.