PTP Aluminum Foil for Pharmaceutical Packaging


Cold forming blister foil can absolutely resist vapor, oxygen and UV rays with good performance of aroma barrier. Each blister is a single protection unit, no effect to barrier after opening first cavity. Cold forming foil is suitable to pack drugs that easy to be affected in wet regions and tropics.

It can be shaped in various appearance by changing stamping mold, simultaneously, its glorious silvery white luster no doubt can promote sales.


Blister packages for Pharmaceuticals products such as capsules, tablets, pill, pastille, small-size food, candy, etc.


Protect layer (OP)/Outer printing layer/Aluminum foil based-material ( AL) inside printing layer/Bond (VC). Use in drugs blister packaging machine.

  1. OPA25/AL45/PVC60,
  2. OPA25/AL60/PVC60
  3. OPA25/ALU45/PP60
  4. OPA25/ALU60/PP60
  5. OPA25/ALU45/PE60
  6. OPA25/ALU60/PE60
  7. PVC60/ OPA25/ALU60/PVC60
  8. PP60/ OPA25/ALU60/PP60


NamePTP Aluminum Foil for Pharmaceutical Packaging
Alloy8011 / 8021 / 1235
UsePharmaceutical packing
Thickness0.06-0.2 mm
Width< 800mm
Length / Roll1000m (according to requirement)
Core Inner Diameter76mm
TreatmentCoated, printed
SurfaceOne side for sealing with pvc or pvdc film and other side is for printing.

Performance and the characteristic:

Excellent properties such as of anti- oxygen, moisture-proof, leak-proof, carryhome, antipollution, etc. Adopting hard anodized aluminum as cover material, it is easy to break aluminum foil to take out the drugs by pushing the cover. Adopting heat-seal coating material, which cannot be stripped, it can be bonded with all kinds of plastic-based materials.


According to printing method: plain foil(no printing), printing foil (one-sided printing, two-sided printing, single-color print, double color printing, polychrome printing), color foil (one-sided golden color, two-sided golden color, green bottom color, each kind of colored bottom color), forgery-proof (stealth writing, design, positive and negative printing).

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