finstock aluminum foil

Aluminum foil for condenser fin stock

What is Aluminum Foil for Condenser Fins Aluminum foil for condenser fins is a material used in the manufacture of condensers. A condenser is a device that cools a gas or vapor into a liquid and is commonly used in refrigeration, air conditioning, automotive and industrial applications. Fins are an important part of the condenser, and their function is to increase the cooling area and heat exchange efficiency, m ...

aluminum foil for container

Aluminum foil for container

What is aluminum foil for containers? Aluminum foil for containers is a type of aluminum foil specially designed for food packaging and storage. It is commonly used to make disposable food containers, trays, and pans for easy transport and for cooking, baking, and serving food. Aluminium foil for containers is usually made from a thin sheet of aluminium coated with a thin layer of plastic or wax to provide ...

aluminum foil food packaging film

Aluminum foil for food packaging

Advantages and main applications of aluminum foil food packaging Aluminum foil food packaging is beautiful, lightweight, easy to process, and easy to recycle; aluminum foil packaging is safe, hygienic, and helps maintain the aroma of food. It can keep food fresh for a long time and provide protection from light, ultraviolet rays, grease, water vapor, oxygen and microorganisms. In addition, please be aware of th ...

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Aluminum foil for pot

What is Aluminum Foil for Pans? Aluminum foil for pans is a type of aluminum foil specially used for cooking, and it is usually thicker and stronger than ordinary household aluminum foil, and has better heat resistance properties. It is often used to cover the bottom or sides of pans to prevent food from sticking to or scorching, while also helping to maintain moisture and nutrients in food. Aluminium foil ...

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Aluminum foil for labels

Alloy parameters of aluminum foil for labels Alloy type: 1xxx, 3xxx, 8xxx Thickness: 0.01mm-0.2mm Width: 100mm-800mm Hardness: To ensure the stability and processability of the label. Surface treatment: Coating or painting treatment to improve the corrosion resistance and aesthetics of the label. Alloy type of aluminum foil for labels 1050, 1060, 1100 With high purity ...

What are the modification methods of aluminum foil?

1) Surface treatment (chemical etching, electrochemical etching, DC anodizing, corona treatment); 2) Conductive coating (surface coating carbon, graphene coating, carbon nanotube coating, composite coating); 3) 3D porous structure (foam structure, nanobelt structure, nano cone mechanism, fiber weaving mechanism); 4) Composite modification treatment. Among them, carbon coating on the surface is a commo ...

What is the difference between aluminum foil lunch boxes and traditional disposable lunch boxes?

Aluminum foil lunch boxes made of aluminum foil can be processed into various shapes and are widely used in food packaging such as pastry baking, airline catering, takeaway, cooked food, instant noodles, instant lunch and other food fields. The aluminum foil lunch box has a clean appearance and good thermal conductivity. It can be heated directly on the original packaging with ovens, microwave ovens, steamers and ...

8011 aluminum foil roll

The order of 8011 aluminum foil roll #03251427 ( export to India )

Product name: 8011 aluminum foil roll ID: 76MM, MAX ROLL WEIGHT: 55kg ITEM SPECIFICATION (MM) ALLOY / TEMPER 1 0.015*120 8011 O 2 0.012*120 8011 O 3 0.015*130 8011 O 4 0.015*150 8011 O ID: 76MM, MAX ROLL WEIGHT: 100 kg 5 0.015*200 8011 O

Main technical indicators of non-coated air conditioner aluminum foil

1. Chemical composition: The alloy grades of aluminum foil for heat exchange fins mainly include 1100, 1200, 8011, 8006, etc. From the perspective of use, air conditioners do not have strict requirements on the chemical composition of aluminum heat exchange fins. Without surface treatment, 3A21 aluminum alloy has relatively good corrosion resistance, high mechanical properties such as strength and elongation, ...

aluminum household foil 8011 in jumbo rolls

Delivery 20 tons aluminum household foil 8011 in jumbo rolls to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Household foil is widely used in cooking, freezing, preservation, baking and other industries. The disposable aluminum foil paper has the advantages of convenient use, safety, sanitation, no odor and no leakage. In the refrigerator or freezer, aluminum foil can be directly wrapped on the food, which can keep the food from deformation, avoid the water loss of fish, vegetables, fruits and dishes, and prevent the le ...

plain aluminum foil

The order of plain aluminum foil #05231048 ( export to UK )

Product name: plain aluminum foil SIZE (MM) ALLOY / TEMPER 0.1MM*1220MM*200M 8011 O