aluminum foil for air conditioner

Aluminum foil for air conditioner

Air-conditioning is indispensable to escape the heat in summer. As air-conditioning enters thousands of households, it is also constantly developing. At present, air conditioners are gradually developing in the direction of miniaturization, high efficiency, and long life. The air-conditioning heat exchange fins are also correspondingly developed in the direction of ultra-thin and high strength. In the 1980s, the ...

6 mic aluminum foil

6 mic aluminum foil

6 mic aluminum foil brief overview 6 mic aluminum foil is one of the very commonly used light gauge aluminum foil.6 mic are equal to 0.006 millimeters, known as double zero six aluminum foil in China. aluminum mic 6 properties Tensile Strength: 48 ksi (330 MPa) Yield Strength: 36 ksi (250 MPa) Hardness: 70-80 Brinell Machinability: Easy to process due to its homogeneity and low in ...

aluminum foil for baking pans

Aluminum foil for pan

Parameters Double bright side Alloy: 3003, 8011 etc Temper: O ( HO ), H22, H24 etc Thickness: 20 micron, 200 micron etc Width: 100mm, 600mm etc About us Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd. is the leader of many aluminum manufactures and suppliers in China. We strictly control the quality and focus on customers. We hope to have in-depth cooperation with you and provide you with high quality alumin ...

gold aluminum foil for chocolate wrapping

Aluminum foil for chocolate wrapping

Alloy parameters of aluminum foil for chocolate packaging Chocolate packaging aluminum foil is usually composed of aluminum and other alloying elements to increase its strength and corrosion resistance. Alloy series 1000, 3000, 8000 series aluminum alloy Alloy state H18 or H19 hardened state Alloy composition pure aluminum containing more than 99% aluminum, and other elements such as silicon, ...

aluminum foil for battery grade

Aluminum foil for battery

Aluminum foil for battery Alloy 1070、1060、1050、1145、1235、1100 Temper -O、H14、-H24、-H22、-H18 Thickness 0.035mm - 0.055mm Width 90mm - 1500mm what is Battery aluminum foil? Battery aluminum foil is used as a collector for lithium-ion batteries. Typically, the lithium ion battery industry uses rolled aluminum foil as a positive collector. Product features: 1. Aluminum ...

8011 aluminum foil roll

The order of 8011 aluminum foil roll #03251427 ( export to India )

Product name: 8011 aluminum foil roll ID: 76MM, MAX ROLL WEIGHT: 55kg ITEM SPECIFICATION (MM) ALLOY / TEMPER 1 0.015*120 8011 O 2 0.012*120 8011 O 3 0.015*130 8011 O 4 0.015*150 8011 O ID: 76MM, MAX ROLL WEIGHT: 100 kg 5 0.015*200 8011 O

industrial aluminum foil roll

The order of industrial aluminum foil roll #11221702 ( export to Gabon )

Product name: industrial aluminum foil roll  Item Specification (mm) Description ALUMINUM FOIL ROLLS WITH SUPPORT FOR INDUSTRIAL  USE 8011-O, 0. 014 (+/-4%) *300 (+/-1mm). Outside -matt Inside - bright ID 152 OD min 450, Max 600. Elongation - min 2% Tensile strength - min 80, max 130MPa. Porosity - max 30 pcs per 1m2. Wettability - A. Splices - maximum 1 splice per ...

What are PE and PVDF?

What is PE PE refers to polyethylene (Polyethylene), which is a thermoplastic obtained by polymerization of ethylene monomers. Polyethylene has the characteristics of good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, insulation, easy processing and molding, and excellent low-temperature strength. It is a common plastic material widely used in industry and daily life. According to different preparation methods, p ...

What are the modification methods of aluminum foil?

1) Surface treatment (chemical etching, electrochemical etching, DC anodizing, corona treatment); 2) Conductive coating (surface coating carbon, graphene coating, carbon nanotube coating, composite coating); 3) 3D porous structure (foam structure, nanobelt structure, nano cone mechanism, fiber weaving mechanism); 4) Composite modification treatment. Among them, carbon coating on the surface is a commo ...

plain aluminum foil

The order of plain aluminum foil #05231048 ( export to UK )

Product name: plain aluminum foil SIZE (MM) ALLOY / TEMPER 0.1MM*1220MM*200M 8011 O

Main technical indicators of coated air conditioner aluminum foil

Coated aluminum foil is formed after surface treatment on the basis of non-coated aluminum foil. In addition to the chemical composition, mechanical properties and geometric dimensions required by the above non-coated aluminum foil, it should also have good shape and shape. coating properties. 1. Plate type of aluminum foil: First of all, the production process of coated aluminum foil requires that the alum ...